MELAKA is the name attached to the historical colonial period starting from it’s founding till the invasion of the Portuguese. This has been what the world linked Melaka to. But do you know that Melaka also have what they call the natural treasures? Melaka’s natural treasures that provides the oxigen supply to your lungs and relaxes your mind from the busy and frantic lives in the city. You are invited to immerse yourselves in the natural world and the beauty of our forest reserve in Taman Negeri Melaka Bukit Sedanan. This govenrment gazetted permanent forest reserve is located at Alor Gajah, Air Pasir, Tebong, Machap, Melaka. Bukit Sedanan is surrounded with tropical forest and a beautiful lake that promises an enthralling experience for your holiday events and recreational activities. Be it a relaxing camping outings or pre-planned group programmes, you can do it here.

This recreational facility is managed by Ecotrekz Enterprise whom had the vision to make all visitors and users enjoy nature and fully maximise their stay with all sorts of outdoor activities made availble by Ecotrekz.

For those trekkers who enjoy trekking, Taman Negeri Melaka provides jungle trekking via the Observation Tower and around the blue lake. You can challenge yourself to reached the peak of Bukit Sedanan! For those flora and fauna lovers, there will be abundance of species to make you fully occupied. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars or photographing equiptment to observe the flora and fauna and it’s habitat. You can follow the marked tracks and gauge your stamina as you walk under the jungle canopy.

Other than that you can do mountain biking or motorcross along the tracks. Sure it will raise your adrenaline level when you manouvre the steep slopes.

Outdoor enthusiasts will get their hands on archery, camping, abseiling, ATV and also survival techniques. We have it all in Taman Negeri Melaka. With it’s vast area, you can do all of that. Our experienced instructors are ready to impart their knowledge and skills and promised that you will have a great outdoor learning experiences.

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website: www.ecotrekz.com or email us at Ecoadmin@ecotrekz.com

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