The Logo

  • ECO- Depicts everything that is relating to the ecological and green environment surrounding Taman Negeri Melaka.
  • TREKZ: Refers to all outdoor activities in the wilderness that can be done in Taman Negeri Melaka including trekking.
  • The letter ’Z’ is representing Generation Z of today who are energetic, adventurous, and ready to face the next millennium.
  • The color green represents the green nature that we are embracing while enjoying the fun of adventure and learning about our environment.
  • The blue design represents the features of our forestay facilities for water sports and activities in a clear blue lagoon.
  • The raptor head design represents the fauna and nature that exist in our forestay venues to be cared for and conserved.

The raptor also exemplifies the spirit of adventures and strives to be the best in whatever we embarked on.

Our Mission

EcoTrekz puts basic common principles into practice through our programs, staff and facilities in an environment that builds a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Our Goal

To offer challenging experiences to build leadership through life-long skill development in a safe, fun, imaginative and natural setting. We instill confidence through independence and interpersonal skills. 

We challenge our forestay participants to discover their true selves.

What we want to achieve?

In all our forestay activities, we engage participants. Every activity has professional instructors who challenge the participants to learn new skills and improve old ones. Through encouragement, participants learn more about themselves and their potential.
Partipants learn the importance of working as a team not only on the fields but in the bunks as well. Teamwork involves learning how to share and be respectful to others. Once learned, it is a lesson they will retain the rest of their lives.
Fun is the word for forestay participants. Participants are motivated to try new things because the goal is to have fun. Fun is what brings friends together and puts a smile on each participant’s face.
In all our forestay activities, we will emphasise on acceptance no matter what background, language, race or religion you belong to. Our participants and staff will show that everyone is treated with the same care and respect. Forestay participants learn to live with and respect every participant regardless of background and upbringing.
For most participants, forestay is when they become fully independent of their families. They learn to take healthy risks, make decisions, and make decisions to a fulfilling forestay life. The independence they learn at forestay will help them succeed at school, campus, workplace and throughout their lives.
Learning is a key component of forestay activities and it can only happen with qualified instructors at every activity and program. Part of each activity period is dedicated to instruction, and the rest to practicing skills in a fun, organized, non-competitive setting.
Not only outdoor activities are fun and engaging, we emphasise camaraderie and the respect of all players. Sportsmanship and good instruction matter just as much as competition.
In this fast-moving cyber world, people are “plugged-in” their world of computers, smart phones, video games, and movies. In Taman Negeri Melaka, participants will havethe opportunity to discover an alternate world of nature, sports, arts, and adventure. They will learn how to live without headphones in their “me” world and how to enjoy living with others in a “we” world.
Friends are the reason participants return year after year. Your best friends will be your camp buddies. We emphasise fostering friendships between participants. No matter what your backround are, you’ll probably increased your friend list before you leave the forestay site.
Forestay paricipants learn the value of their contributions. Whether it’s bunk cleanup, jungle trekking or water activities, campers learn they have a role and that others depend on them to carry out that role to the best of their abilities.

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